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1. ( — Installer, AppSync, Crackulous….

2.iHackStore ( — Cracked Cydia (Paid) apps such as: Barrel, iFile, MyWi…..

3.The iJailbreak Repository ( — Mobile Terminal (Fixed)

4.xSellize ( — Cracked Cydia Apps like: Infinifolders, xBackup, iBooks Fix for iOS5….

5.Sinful iPhone Repo ( — Cydia Cracked Apps (like XSellize)

6.iModZone ( — Again, Cydia Cracked apps.

7.Technetec ( — Siri Mic Colors tweak.

8. iHacksRepo ( — Zeusmos and Other great iPhone Hacks.

Please comment any other good repository you trust so as to add it to our list


In this tutorial we will use the NetBIOS to gain access to the PC of our victim that uses the same wireless connection. NetBIOS stands for “Network Basic Input Output System” .

So let’s get started:

Our Member Nio 8’23 just created a blog that you will find tutorials with Terminal commands and Programming in Bash (that’s for start….)


As the time goes on the blog will always being developed with new stuff…..


Check it out here….