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P0stH4x0r is a great tool written in Python and developed by Akatzbreaker.

It has many functions that can be executed on a Server when it has been uploaded…




Basically, the Title Explains What you Will Learn in this Tutorial: Test your Web-Hacking Skills on your Machine. DVWA stands for Damn Vulnerable Web Application. It supports these types of hacking:

  1. BruteForce
  2. Command Execution
  3. CSRF
  4. File Inclusion
  5. SQLi
  6. SQLi (Blind)
  7. XSS Reflected
  8. XSS Stored
  9. Much More


Now, at our website we got some great Wallpapers (made by akatzbreaker and me…) for your Desktop!

(They are uploaded to file hosting services in .zip files)

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You may also read some tutorials at Akatzbreaker’s Blog


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