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We all know (and are unhappy about) the Shutdown of Installous. However, there is a new App Raising as an Alternative to Installous.


It doesn’t need any Waiting at ALL!

Every single App is downloaded directly to your device and that’s why it beats Installous! It is ultra Fast and updates every App in Time!

High Quality and High Download Speed of this App will surely make you a vShare Fan!

Should you want to Install it to your Device (which, of course, must be jailbroken), read below:


Assistive Touch is a new hidden iOS Feature that Apple added and quite a few people know it!

With Assistive Touch you can use your iPhone without any Power Button, Volume Buttons, Home Buttons… You can even do common gestures with it like Pinch!

Everything is replaced by the Assistive touch!




Pod2g has confirmed that he tested the 5 new Exploits that can bring a 5.1 Untethered JB, on a 5.1.1 Device and work properly.

He mentions that he tested it on an iPad 3 (the new iPad)

Pod2g’s Tweet:



This method uses custom SHSH Dumped IPSW so as to Restore your iDevice using iTunes. Let’s see how:


Watch the statistics tables on Apple’s sells on her products:


Here is a great guide to make your OWN Server for Spire (And Use Siri on iPhone 4 or 3GS)

Starting your Tutorial: