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If you are not Satisfied how vShare works, or think that their servers are frequently down, or whatever, you can try Zeusmos!

Zeusmos is an Installous-like store that uses three major Cracked apps Websites to find links: IPA Store, Appcake and iDwaneo.


Read more for Information and how to get Zeusmos:



We all know (and are unhappy about) the Shutdown of Installous. However, there is a new App Raising as an Alternative to Installous.


It doesn’t need any Waiting at ALL!

Every single App is downloaded directly to your device and that’s why it beats Installous! It is ultra Fast and updates every App in Time!

High Quality and High Download Speed of this App will surely make you a vShare Fan!

Should you want to Install it to your Device (which, of course, must be jailbroken), read below:

The creators of Installous have announced their Shutdown of their Service. and have closed and display a Message of farewell.


Here is the Message from


Here are some great apps that hackers like:


Tutorial by <Akatzbreaker>


This requires jailbroken iDevice… If you want to jailbreak your iDevice click here…

If you don’t know the differences between jailbreaking and unlocking (an iPhone…) click here to read the relative post….