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Today I am going to show you how to bypass Web Application Firewalls (WAF). I will demonstrate from the Simpliest and most Basic Techniques to the Most Advanced ones!

NOTE: SQL Injection is not demonstrated here! If you don’t know SQL Injection, read this first…

What is WAF?

WAF stands for Web Application Firewall. It is widely used nowadays to detect and defend SQL Injections!

Let’s Begin!



There were some minor Bugs on the P0stH4x0r Script…

The Script has been updated!


You can use the in-script updater so as to download the Updated version or download the whole zip file from here…!


I found a great Post on who is really a hacker that I should share with you.

The original article is here:

It is really worth reading….

A penetration test subjects a system or a range of systems to real life security tests. The benefit of a complete penetration suite compared to a normal vulnerability scan system is to reach beyond a vulnerability scan test and discover different weaknesses and perform a much more detailed analysis.

When performing a penetration test with the any Penetrator, you have the advantage of a wide range of integrated advanced utilities to do penetration testing. This includes extensive vulnerability scanning, launching of real exploits, buffer overflow attacks, a wide range of advanced utilities and Denial of Service. 


There are two ways to hack a vending machine:

1. Using specific codes
2. Manualy (No Codes)


Let’s see both methods:


Basically, the Title Explains What you Will Learn in this Tutorial: Test your Web-Hacking Skills on your Machine. DVWA stands for Damn Vulnerable Web Application. It supports these types of hacking:

  1. BruteForce
  2. Command Execution
  3. CSRF
  4. File Inclusion
  5. SQLi
  6. SQLi (Blind)
  7. XSS Reflected
  8. XSS Stored
  9. Much More