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If you have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 Jailbroken and Need to Unlock it, this Post is what you need.

Read and you will know how to Unlock your iPhone on iOS 5 Using SAM.



Read this article:

It was anounced that an untethered jailbreak has been released for iOS5 from a paid company….

The tools they provide are free to download and they present it as paid.
Also, using common sense, the iPhone jailbreak developers would have seen the exploits used in this software and would have found their own exploits…..

We warn you because many people spent 23$ to buy a fake jailbreak tool for iOS 5….

Be careful!

Jailbreaking your device bacame very easy as the only thing you have to do is to visit with your iOS Device and click on the install Button! 😀

Jailbreakme 3

Jailbreakme 3 can jailbreak the iDevices below: (more…)

4.10.01 is now Unlockable

Jailbreaking iPhone 4 on the baseband 4.10.01 was a trouble before a few weeks…. However, iPhone Dev Team confirmed that this baseband is now unlockable and there isn’t the “No Service” issue.

Read more at: iPhone Dev Team’s Blog

Jalbreak your iPhone Securely at

Jailbreaking iOS 5 may become a trouble for iPhone Hackers! 😦

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