Hacking Vending Machines

Posted: 04/10/2012 in G.N.A.HackTeam, Hacking, Info
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There are two ways to hack a vending machine:

1. Using specific codes
2. Manualy (No Codes)


Let’s see both methods:

– The codes:

– Get FREE drink: 137137137 + drink number

– Drop All the money Please: 423112311

– Change the Price of a Product: 42313214321

-The Manual Method:

1. Go at a vending machine and put a coin.
2. Enter the code of the desired drink or snack.
3. Make sure that the drink does NOT fall at below the metal separator (the one that is used so as not to put your hand and reach a drink).
4. Now, some vending machines understand that there was an error while the product was falling and return you your coins.

Please Note That: both methods work on many vending machines. We DO NOT promise that any method works on every machine, however we have tested them and they worked for us.

  1. i cant get how you are able to share like this astounding posts admin considerably thanks

  2. kyunda says:

    does this work mainly on old machines or new?

  3. I mean that is frickin cool thank you I tried it one time and I didn’t get anything but I did what y’all said but I stuck a penny in there I really think it to small but i guess I’ll just try a game Tolkien or four quarters but like I said that is frickin awesome :$$$$$

  4. unknown says:

    cool codes for the snack machine i tried the all of the codes on one vending machine and it work for all of them

  5. peace says:

    is this fake or real??

  6. Jimmy says:

    Sorry… I meant that the owner’s manuals in my previous entry are for soda dispensing machines like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Pepsi, etc… (see manuals for machine descriptions)
    also one place that had the code 423112311 specified that you must put in an asterisk following the numbers… just fyi…

  7. Talon morlan says:

    Please tell me it works befor I try it on my schools vending machines

  8. trishen says:

    hi im south africa ,want to know if it will work in country

  9. trishen says:

    hi im from south africa ,want to know if it will work in country

  10. Tessa Gray says:

    Wow, this is cool! I tried it at school and it really works! Thanks bunches!

  11. NightElf1234 says:

    Im going to try it and if it works I will tell you guys ok?

  12. chris white says:

    do we just put the code in and push the button

  13. Marcella says:

    When I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added-
    checkbox and now every time a comment is added I receive 4
    emails with the exact same comment. Is there an easy method you are able
    to remove me from that service? Thanks a lot!

  14. Bob Jenkins says:

    I am going to try it on my school vending machine. AWESOME!!!

  15. KIEFER says:

    i did it and I got a blowjob!

  16. brittaney says:

    wow sooo cool it really works tots cool 😍
    person who wrote this you rock luuuvvvv u πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„

  17. hott thang says:

    omg thx soo much u know we should meet sometime and connect like velcrow

  18. Dayna Smith says:

    It wouldn’t work. I tried two vending machines and neither worked.

  19. Da says:

    Works! Gave me 50$πŸ˜„

  20. G.N.A Hack Team says:

    Here’s a new code: 123547633

  21. Ajay says:

    tried it on 3 different machines did not work on any of them. this is fake

  22. William says:

    Do any machines activate an alarm when u do this

  23. cool! i tested it and then i was going with my friends to a park and i was using the money trick while saying to my friends: want free money? i putted in the code and then gived the machine a shake(kinda) and then i sed: now look in the money return section and it worked! love ya bro!

  24. sammy says:

    Do u need a quarter to do the code

  25. Rianne says:

    I’m gonna try this next time I see a machine I read all the comments and it looks like it’s good and it works so I’m gonna try it reply back to the comment and tell me for definert does it actually work I guess it does but I want to make sure and how do u change the prices?

  26. Hjgdjk says:

    Works as fuck!!!!!

  27. Hamza fidjel says:

    Did it!!!!!!!!!! Got $1000

  28. max says:

    do u have to do both methods for it to work

  29. michanted says:

    Does it give change, bills, or just whatever it has?

  30. Me says:

    What do u do if there are letters?

  31. Cris says:

    It doesn’t work for the newest crane national venders machine tho

  32. Ass nice says:

    I like ass

  33. Bunlongchim says:

    fuck u scammers

  34. Denise McGaha says:

    Ok, this is called stealing! Thou shalt not steal is one of the Ten Commandments!

    • Meg says:

      Why do people think this is ok? People own those vending machines and it’s a source of income for some. Even if it’s owned by a company, it’s stealing!

    • Gary Suen says:

      umm.. is that like a ‘new’ code are we supposed to type ‘stealing!’ first or ‘Ten Commandments!’.. is the exclamation mandatory. Your instructions are very vague.. you kind’a suck at this.

    • jake gray says:

      holy crap shut the fuck up you bible bashing cunt

  35. Bob Thomas says:

    How do u do it do u just walk up to one and put I a code

  36. Meg says:

    Isn’t this stealing!?

    • Someday you'll get caught says:

      Yes it is. They don’t care. Sad, isn’t it?

      • Not-Your-Typical-Guy says:

        I may be stealing, but who am I stealing from is the question. If I’m stealing from hard working people who use the machine to get by on their monthly payments then no I won’t. But if its from someone lile Donald trump then I would steal in a heartbeat.

  37. aarion says:

    Does it work I wanna know plz tell me

  38. lasha says:

    it work this method in japan?

  39. Brandon says:

    dose it give you bills or change plzz tell me thx

  40. Rey says:

    Hey do vending michines take 5$ bills

    • Gary Suen says:

      yup yup.. you could fold up a 20 and stick it in the little slot, it’s all good. Some machines you have to stand close and say ‘That’s a 20.!!’ just in case it doesn’t guess correctly. Cheers.!!

  41. Your mom says:

    I REALLY like pickles

  42. Bob Rogers says:

    As an ex-vending machine merchandiser I can tell you this is all false bravado and make believe.

    There are no ‘secret codes’. When a merchandiser wants to make all the money come out or test vend a product line they first open a machine and put it in service mode. If anyone has entered a random code and got something free it’s probably because the stupid engineer left old machine in service mode.

    Anyway, if you ever get something free from a machine then please hand that to staff. Us merchandisers are paid on commission only and only make a couple of Β£ from each machine and have to pay the company for any losses. You are not stealing from a corporate you are stealing from someone fighting to earn more than minimum wage. Think about that next time you shake a vending machine.

    • Jess says:

      I understand but once at school I used the last of my own hard earned money to get a drink and the machine got the drink stuck in it. That’s the only reason I would use these “hacks” or “cheats”. Because the machines are so faulty.

    • jake gray says:

      How about you go and fuck yourself, i get something free i’m drinkin or eatin that shit

  43. cody bilbro says:

    Thanks for the cool hack my machine gave me $300 and I chagened all the prices too free and some to $0.10 agin thanks for the sweet hack

  44. julia fullington says:

    this is stealing. people could get in serious trouble. also, i highly doubt people are getting 100s of dollars. this seems like a huge scam

  45. Anonymous says:

    Do you put the codes in before you put the money or the money first before the code?

  46. F*** this website says:

    this is all f***ing made up when you make a vending machine you would not make it hackable.
    also after your food comes out your money falls down a slot and the only way to get it out is to unlock it on the back

  47. […] Hacking Vending Machines | G.N.A. Team – Apr 10, 2012  · As an ex-vending machine merchandiser I can tell you this is all false bravado and make believe. There are no β€˜secret codes’. When a merchandiser wants … […]

  48. dicknyamouth says:

    my dick for your throat wen your taken that’s a cheat code o.- lloolll

  49. Sam says:

    A kid at my school tried this in the locker room. The machine had a silent alarm that went off and the cops got his finger prints off the machine. Someone saw him walking away from it and identified him too. He was arrested and couldn’t walk at graduation. Really dumb risk!

  50. Tomboy says:

    this is some bull s*** i mean seriously i looked like an idiot trying to get money from a vending machine and everyone kept asking me questions as to how the hell i did that

  51. boby dial says:

    I tryed it and got $189.67. It is cool

  52. south africant says:

    fuck south africa

  53. Another Hack FYI says:

    If you all want another hack put a piece of string on a quarter and put it in and pull it out over and over again then click change return! But don’t leave the quarter interested or it will get stuck make sure you pull it out before you click change return!

  54. Jared says:

    Yo guys I hacked a vending machine at my school in the ghs gym so 1st try I opened the lid and the vending machine thinks there is a soda or the thing won’t go through and I had $1.35 and put 35 cents in there and the dollar bill and bought me dr.pepper (first one was nello yellow zero) and it said vending error. And have gave me my change back. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  55. δΊŽδΈ€εš says:
  56. Nobuddy says:

    You guys really ain’t all that smart are ya.. I got two buddies, one wore a yellow work-vest and the other had a hard hat.. we walked up and carried the damm thing right out the front door with us. Just sayin..

  57. Csenger says:

    Please try your methods on a WURLITZER sl 540. Thx

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