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Let’s get away from the Hacky stuff for a moment. We have all seen Google Now with some great, innovative Features that could also be integrated to Artificial Intelligent Assistants like Siri.

Google Now uses Gmail Cards for Smart notifications like the one on the left.

And many people HAVE created such Assistants themselves. Including me.

Searching Google about how to use Notifications like Google Now was a Dead end. Especially when it came for the Gmail Cards.

So the idea was to Create that library myself, free and open source on Github, to access the Gmail Inbox and if there is any Gmail Card Available, convert it to Human-Readable Data.


We all know (and are unhappy about) the Shutdown of Installous. However, there is a new App Raising as an Alternative to Installous.


It doesn’t need any Waiting at ALL!

Every single App is downloaded directly to your device and that’s why it beats Installous! It is ultra Fast and updates every App in Time!

High Quality and High Download Speed of this App will surely make you a vShare Fan!

Should you want to Install it to your Device (which, of course, must be jailbroken), read below:

iOS 6 Included!

There is a function in PHP called mail(). The Normal Use is to send a message to an e-mail with a subject. However, you can also configure the headers!

The headers are really useful for a Mailer. You can pretend to be an Other Person (ex. I can send mail as Bill Gates from!), or configure the Mail Client you use (iPhone Mail, Thunderbird…)

I think that you should start creating a Fake-Mailer in PHP, so let’s do it!


There were some minor Bugs on the P0stH4x0r Script…

The Script has been updated!


You can use the in-script updater so as to download the Updated version or download the whole zip file from here…!


There are some tips for those who need to erase junk files and apps from their Mac. Here are some tips that can help you.