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If you have recently visited, you will surely notice the new iPhone Page and the new iOS page!



Mozilla has announced the Firefox OS in the 2nd of July!

Network carriers supporting the first batch of mobile phones in 2013 will include Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Telecom Italia, Telefónica and Telenor.



Firefox OS devices will be ‘built entirely to open web standards’ Mozilla say, ‘where all of the device’s capabilities can be developed as HTML5 applications.’

This means that EVERY HTML5 Developer will be able to create awesome apps for his Firefox Phone!


I now that you wonder what will Apple include in the new iOS 6! Well, here is a list of the features that will be surely be included in the Final Public Release!


Pod2g Has confirmed the release date of his untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 will be in a few days:


Pod2g’s Tweet:


Pay us a visit in 2-3 days for the latest news on the Jailbreak!


Messages, Reminders, Notification Center, Twitter, and more. You love them on iPad. Now you’ll love them on your Mac. And with iCloud, they all work better together.

Released during summer, Mac OS X Mountain Lion comes with many great new features inspired from the innovative iPad.


Apple released Mac OS X Lion! These means that we start working as soon as possible and will publish links and instructions on our site!

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