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Disclaimer:We are not responsible for any damage of your devices due to jailbreak tweaks or bad use of them. We are just providing useful information to people and nothing else. We don’t promote stealing someone’s work or any other type of piracy. The user is the one who is responsible if he downloads any piratic content to his devices.
Also, the tutorials on hacking are for educational purposes only. They do NOT promote any damage to others work/property. It is your responsibility how to use the knowledge you get from this blog.

  1. Amber says:

    Hello admin, my name is Amber and I’m from India. I’m very much interested in these hacking stuffs and computer related things. I want to work with you or I can say I want to learn from you. If you will support me then please contact me at amber22.1993anand@gmail.com. For this I shall be highly oblized to you.

  2. Makis says:

    Hello G.N.A. Team. Can you please contact me to ask you something I need?
    Thank you very much!

  3. Dave Yang says:

    Hello GNA, please how can i get a good unzip shell for upload.

  4. bashir says:

    I am also very much interested in hacking and have hack a single site in my life i will be very grateful i can learn from you especially the How to Hack a Server Shell Uploading, Rooting, Defacing, Covering your Tracks …. i will be waiting to hear from u……….

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