Info about iCon2PHP and Downloads

iCon2PHP is a great tool created by Akatzbreaker.

What does it used for?

— iCon2PHP is used to hide a shell in an image so as to avoid errors while uploading it to an Image Uploader on a Website. In other words, if you encounter errors like “File Type not Supported”, this is the tool you need.

It can also be used to “hide” a file (of any type, not just PHPs) in an image, You just rename the output.

What Formats does it support?

— iCon2PHP just adds the code of an image and the code of your shell to a new file. It supports any format you input (php, jpg, png, txt, rtf, html, odt, doc). If you need explanation of the code that does it in the Python Script just comment it and we will reply….

Download iCon2PHP:


Mediafire Link

Blog’s Post


Mediafire Link

Blog’s Post



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    Mate! This blog is cool! How did you make it look like this .

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  4. […] – iCon2PHP (Get it from here….) […]

  5. mrspam says:

    i try it but i have problem .someone can tell me why?

  6. […] – iCon2PHP (Get it from here….) […]

  7. Saurabh says:

    I am merging an ASP shell with a PNG image. Renaming it image.asp;.png
    I execute it and I can see shell getting executed, however, it is all garbled and unreadable stuff. Can you please point where am I going wrong .. I get the asp shell from sourceforge


  8. Dave Yang says:

    Please someone should help me out on how am i going to get a good unzip shell for upload.. contact me via hakymrpr@gmail.com

  9. Lilith says:

    Why are people spamming instead of saying a simple thank you. Stupid fools

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