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If you are not Satisfied how vShare works, or think that their servers are frequently down, or whatever, you can try Zeusmos!

Zeusmos is an Installous-like store that uses three major Cracked apps Websites to find links: IPA Store, Appcake and iDwaneo.


Read more for Information and how to get Zeusmos:



Cocoanuts Tweet:

GREAT SUCCESS! iOS5 iTunes finally pwned. Gremlin, Celeste, and YourTube updates for iOS5 are all ready for beta-testing, await instructions

Being tagged as BETA, there are some known issues for which the developers are working day and night. Following are some of the known critical bugs in Celeste and Gremlin cydia tweaks:


1. ( — Installer, AppSync, Crackulous….

2.iHackStore ( — Cracked Cydia (Paid) apps such as: Barrel, iFile, MyWi…..

3.The iJailbreak Repository ( — Mobile Terminal (Fixed)

4.xSellize ( — Cracked Cydia Apps like: Infinifolders, xBackup, iBooks Fix for iOS5….

5.Sinful iPhone Repo ( — Cydia Cracked Apps (like XSellize)

6.iModZone ( — Again, Cydia Cracked apps.

7.Technetec ( — Siri Mic Colors tweak.

8. iHacksRepo ( — Zeusmos and Other great iPhone Hacks.

Please comment any other good repository you trust so as to add it to our list