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Maemo 5 supports python. But only the 2.5 version. People say that most Python Users haven’t even used Python features that are presented to newest Versions.

I disagree. Trying to Install some Python Modules, many times, I had these unexpected Syntax Errors while using/installing new Modules! Stable ones!

So, why not trying to install a newer Python Version? At first, there are difficulties but, then, it seems an easy Process if you are careful. Let’s see how to work this thing out…. (more…)


Truecrypt has many great functions. I will explain one of the most interesting ones. Hiding a REAL Encrypted Volume into a Fake-Encrypted Volume. Let me explain the whole notion and give an example:

You create a volume encrypted by a password. In that volume you have some files encrypted. Inside that encrypted volume, you create another encrypted volume that contains the REALLY Encrypted Files. This means that you have two passwords.

Here is an example that can be implemented in real life:


The Imuler.C trojan has affected many Macs till now. It gets user data and Various screenshots and tries to upload them to a server.



iCon2PHP is a great tool for everyone who uploads a shell on a website in order to extract information or deface it. I was working on it for a while (that’s why I wasn’t posting any new stuff here the last 7 days…) but I achieved to finish it.


New Tutorials!

I added some more tutorials for Pixelmator. Specifically:



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