Mac Tips

Tip of the Month

for Mac OS X

by //akatzbreaker//

Apr 16

|||>>Changing the Lauchpad Background Effect

The Lauchpad comes with Lion. All our Apps are concentrated at a nice iPad-like enviroment.
There is a way that you can change the effect that the background of lauchpad is. These are the 4 effects you can “wear” on you Lachpad. To change it every time, hit CMD+B (or CMD+ALT+CTRL+B if your version is on 10.7.3) . Once you get to the last, the next effect will be the Default; like a circle…
1. The Default effect:


2. Only Grey:


3. Grey and Focus:


4. Just your wallpaper (NO FX):



Mar 8

|||>>Enabling FTP Server on Mac OS X Lion.

Apple has disabled File Sharing with FTP from Mac OS X Lion for Some Reason. That’s why we will use a daemon to Enable a FTP Server using Terminal.
(Daemon, is a service that runs on the background of a Computer.)
So, open up terminal and type:
dseditgroup -o create -n /Local/Default -u rootusername
Creates a new  Access Control List (ACL)  –  rootusername = The admin’s username
dseditgroup -o edit -u rootusername -a username
Add a new user at the ACL  –  username = The preffered user’s name
Lauch the Server:
sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist
The command above will ask you some credentials. To test the Server type ‘ftp localhost’ and if you are prompted to type the credentials, the server will have been enabled SUCCESSFULLY!
If you want to disable the FTP server, type:
sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist
This will disable the FTP Server.
ALSO: If you would like a SFTP Server (in other words: Encrypted FTP Connection) you can enable Remote Login from the Sharing options at the System Preferences. This should enable SSH and SFTP also.
More info about the FTP Server at this Apple’s Article:

Feb 17

|||>>Separating Dock Icons using Transparent Icons.

Adding Transparent icons can help you to group your Apps at your Dock. Here is how:
Open terminal from Applications/Utilities and type:

defaults write showhidden -bool YES

killall Dock

After successful entry your dock will refresh and the new hidden dock icons will be available to use.

If you decided you do not wish to have your dock in this mode you can simply return it back to the previous settings by doing the following steps:

Simply launch Terminal and then enter the following:

defaults write showhidden -bool NO

killall Dock


Jan 13

|||>>Changing Application and Folder Icons Manually (Not with Candybar).

I am sure you would like to change the app and folder icons on Mac OS X. Here is how:

  1. Get a nice image you created or found from 
  2. Get an icon
  3. Open Icon in Preview and select the Icon. CTRL+C to copy the icon.
  4. Get Info” from the Folder (CTRL+I)
  5. Select the icon of the folder and CTRL+V (This pastes it)

Folder Icon Changed!!

Dec 31

|||>>Hiding or Unhiding Folders (like Library on Mac OS X Lion).

Apple decided to hide some system folders from the user’s main directory because amateur users just messed up with those. So what if an experienced one, wants to access the folder to change some stuff?

1. Open Terminal

2. Type ls -la (it shows the unhidden and hidden folders of a directory)

3.  Select the directory you would like to unhide (let’s say Library)

4. Type chflags nohidden (+ Directory) >> example:  chflags nohidden Library

5. The folder is unhidden now

6. To hide it type: chflags hidden (+ Directory) >> example:  chflags hidden Library

Oct 24

|||>>Deleting all the tabs on Safari except the current one.

I found a new tip on Safari. This one is really cool and quite useful. So here it is:

Let ‘s say we have 5 tabs open in different pages. We would like to keep the one we are reading and close all the other tabs. What we do?

OPTION(Alt)+Click on the cross of the current tab.

What this would do is to close all other tabs except the current.

Funny, heh?


Aug 27

|||>>  Create workspaces in Lion and swipe between them

We like Spaces in Lion a lot more than spaces in previous versions of OS X. Spaces in Lion

Why? Because it’s easier to move between them. Despite mostly confusing gestures in Lion, the three-finger swipe between Spaces works.

Open up Mission Control, then drag one of the open windows to the top right corner of your screen. You’ll notice that a new square appears. Drop the window you’re dragging into that square, and you’ve created a new space.

Go back to what you were doing, then swipe three fingers left or right move between spaces fluidly. Another tip is that whenever you take an app full screen, it creates a new space. It’s a nice way to keep iTunes (or another app) separate from everything else but accessible.

To kill a space, enter Mission Control, hover your mouse over the left corner of the space (up top), and click the black X.


June 7

|||>> Create a Wireless Hotspot for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or other computers

To enable Internet Sharing go to:

1)System Preferences


3)Internet Sharing -DO NOT TICK IT YET-

4)Make sure that “Share your connection from:” is set to “Ethernet” (Exept if you want to use your Mac as a Wireless Adaptor….)

5)Set the “To Computers using:” to “AirPort”

6)We are almost done but what if you want to have a secure wireless internet? Till now we just set the wireless and didn’t set a Password… 😦

To set a password go to:

“AirPort Options…”

“Enable encryption using WEP…”

set your password and press OK….

Y0u aRE D0N3!



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