Unlock your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 – ALL BASEBANDS

Posted: 04/23/2012 in G.N.A.HackTeam, Info, iPhone and iPad
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If you have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 Jailbroken and Need to Unlock it, this Post is what you need.

Read and you will know how to Unlock your iPhone on iOS 5 Using SAM.

So, Let’s Begin:

Step One
Launch Cydia from your SpringBoard.

Step Two
Press to select Manage from the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Step Four
Enter the Sources Settings.

Step Five
Press the Edit button at the top right of the screen.

Step Six
Press the Add button that appears at the top left of the screen.

Step Seven
Enter http://repo.bingner.com and press the Add Source button.

Step Eight
Press the large Return to Cydia button.

Step Nine
Press to select Bingner from the list of Sources.

Step Ten
Choose SAM from the list of packages.

Step Eleven
Press the Install button at the top right of the screen.

Step Twelve
Press the Confirm button to begin installation.

Step Thirteen
Once installation has completed press the large Restart SpringBoard button.

Step Fourteen
Insert your new SIM card and tap to select SAMPrefs from your SpringBoard.

Step Fifteen
Tap Utilities

Step Sixteen
Press to select De-Activate iPhone. Your ActivationState under “More Information” should now be “Unactivated”. If you don’t have De-Activate iPhone you can use De-Activate iPhone (clear push).

Step Seventeen
With SAM enabled, tap Method and choose By Country and Carrier.

Step Eighteen
Tap Country and choose the country of your ORIGINAL SIM.

Step Nineteen
Tap Carrier and choose your ORIGINAL carrier that your iPhone is locked to.

Step Twenty
For some carriers operating more than one Carrier ID you may need to select SIM ID. If you are unable to activate in Step Twenty Four then you have selected the wrong one.

Step Twenty One
Tap More Information and copy the IMSI under SAM Details to the clipboard.

Step Twenty Two
Tap Spoof Real SIM to SAM

Step Twenty Three
Go back to the main SAM screen and paste the IMSI number in your clipboard.

Step Twenty Four
Connect your iPhone to the computer and let iTunes reactivate your phone.

“Double click “Phone Number” parameter at the main device screen and make sure that the ICCID matches that of your SIM card.” If not you need to start over from Step Fourteen.”

Step Twenty Five
Unplug your iPhone from the computer and close iTunes.

Step Twenty Six
Reopen SAMPrefs from your SpringBoard and disable it using the Enabled switch.

Step Twenty Seven
Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes again.

You should get an error saying that your phone cannot be activated. This is normal. Just close iTunes and open it again.

Step Twenty Eight
In a short time you should see signal bars. Congratulations!

Step Twenty Nine
You should now backup your iPhone unlock ticket in case this method is ever blocked. You can use Redsn0w 0.9.10b8.

If push notifications stop after this process, you can restore then with the Clear Push utility in SAM, followed by connecting to iTunes.

Your phone will work normally with your SIM card and that SIM card ONLY since we have tricked iTunes to think that ICCID is one of the intended carrier’s. The phone can be rebooted and connected to iTunes freely without losing the “unlock”, at least for now.

Q: SAM set in the signal when the operation or SIM services operating?
A: No SIM, no service can be, if the installation card affixed, the ICCID of the SIM card change takes your phone card is not the same.

Q: the value of the IMSI of the SIM the detail and the SAM the detail how the same. Sealing glaze asked. .
A: IMSI is the operator code, the code in ATT Unicom mobile code certainly is not the same, it is not the same. The ICCID must be the same.

Q: The last even the ITUNES activate the SIM card is not supported. .
A: re again. . Ensure that all installation steps.

Q: 04.11.08 can you?
: 04.11.08 The baseband has been successful Feng Friends of mine is the 4.10 baseband can, the other I can not guarantee, in theory, all OK, this vulnerability is activated loopholes, no relationship with the baseband.

Q: Will this unlock and the official solution there a difference? The future may once again lock on it?
A: This is what I want to say this unlock exploited unlock is not an official permanent. APPLE of any time are likely to block this loophole. Brush class had to re-activation may immediately between 5.1 perfect if you want to upgrade to 5.1, then able to ensure the baseband or newspaper base with l.

Q: error: itunes could not connect to this iphone, because of unknown error (0xE8000068)
A: If you remove the computer side of the C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ Apple LOCKDOWN after error, you need to re-open itunes first, we can solve. Have front-lovers say to restart the computer on better.

Q: so do not put the original card data change? The risk of really great ah!
A:. SAM just read the information of the SIM, then virtual, does not change the SIM card inside the things.

Q: before the operation is all correct why or SIM card is not supported?
A: First, to confirm that your mobile phone which operators. Again in the SAM operators to choose.

Q: if unsuccessful, card stickers can also use it?
A: Yes. SAM does not change the baseband files

Q: After changing the card to use to re-activate it?
A: I have a Unicom card that users test and said thank you does not support changing the card, have to re-activate

Q: What signal is not good. Play no phone, unable to pronounce the SMS
A: Yes, Feng Friends of the response signal is not good, sometimes playing out phone, it is recommended to replace the original SIM card, place card affixed to the Cato put the SIM card is deep, you may be exposed to adverse.

Q: Unable to push, imessage,.
A: can not push the front of the Friends, in the Settings – General – Restore – restore the network settings, pay attention to restore the network settings, after the restart should be

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