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Been some time, huh?

Posted: 04/17/2015 in Info
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Well, it’s been some time since I last wrote on this Blog. Due to studies I had no time for writting or doing similar stuff. 

I want to assure the Blog followers and that I will continue publishing posts in here soon. 

All I want is to see how many people are still interested for this blog. If you are one of them, please like, retweet or comment this post. 

Interesting stuff is coming…  

See ya!

iCon2PHP is now updated and contains only ONE Python script. In other words, Windows Users can use it with full functionality.


What is iCon2PHP:

    Please read our initial post on iCon2PHP here…..


Here exactly what has changed:


iCon2PHP is a great tool for everyone who uploads a shell on a website in order to extract information or deface it. I was working on it for a while (that’s why I wasn’t posting any new stuff here the last 7 days…) but I achieved to finish it.