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1. ( — Installer, AppSync, Crackulous….

2.iHackStore ( — Cracked Cydia (Paid) apps such as: Barrel, iFile, MyWi…..

3.The iJailbreak Repository ( — Mobile Terminal (Fixed)

4.xSellize ( — Cracked Cydia Apps like: Infinifolders, xBackup, iBooks Fix for iOS5….

5.Sinful iPhone Repo ( — Cydia Cracked Apps (like XSellize)

6.iModZone ( — Again, Cydia Cracked apps.

7.Technetec ( — Siri Mic Colors tweak.

8. iHacksRepo ( — Zeusmos and Other great iPhone Hacks.

Please comment any other good repository you trust so as to add it to our list


I installed a Cydia tweak in my iOS5 iPhone called SBRotator so as to be able to rotate the spring board like in an iPad.
It required to restart springboard and I realised that it just looped the restart and stuck in the loading gif image….

If this happens to you and don’t want to do the procedure “Restoring-Jailbreaking-Installing Apps-Restoring from Backup- Syncing” do the following:


Here are some great apps that hackers like:


Tutorial by <Akatzbreaker>


This requires jailbroken iDevice… If you want to jailbreak your iDevice click here…

If you don’t know the differences between jailbreaking and unlocking (an iPhone…) click here to read the relative post….