OpenJailbreak: An Open Community for Public iOS Jailbreak Effort?

Posted: 07/02/2013 in Info, iPhone and iPad
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p0sixninja is a very famous iOS Vulnerability researcher. Even though, he was absent from the “Dream Team” of Jailbreaking: Evad3rs!

Now, we all know that Apple has significantly increased the security of their Mobile OS, and just some small teams of Jailbreakers are researching for Security Holes.

So, P0sixninja leads a new Community, OpenJailbreak, which makes public the effort of Vulnerability Researching for everyone who is interested!

Search Twitter for #openjailbreak and @p0sixninja for more Information!

(Please note that a fake “OpenJailbreak” Website has been recently uploaded at:

  1. […] new project is now up at, yet on a VERY Alpha version. Even though, some libraries have been […]

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