And Yes! Evasi0n is released and you can take a Bite of your Untethered Jailbroken iOS 6.1 Device!

Posted: 02/04/2013 in G.N.A.HackTeam, Info, iPhone and iPad
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The Evad3rs’ new Tool Evasi0n is now released to be downloaded at

Read Below how to Jailbreak your Device:

Step 1: Download evasi0n from the Website.

Step 2: Run the App. (Mac OS X Lion Security Settings might block the App from Launching. You should execute the App by Right-Clicking the App, then “Open” and “Open” Again….)

Step 3: If your device has a passcode set, unlock your device and go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > and select Turn Passcode Off. (Otherwise, you might face some Issues)

Step 4: Plug in your Device to your computer. This can be any device running iOS 6.x (except for Apple TV devices).

Step 5: You should see a message on the evasi0n tool that it has detected your device. Once an eligible device is detected, the Jailbreak button will become clickable.

Step 6: Click Jailbreak, and the jailbreak process will begin.

Step 7: Be Patient. It Takes a While to Transfer all files….

Step 8: Once the steps listed in step 7 have completed, you should now see a screen asking you unlock your device. Once your device is unlocked, you should see a new app icon on your Home screen called “Jailbreak”. Tap this Jailbreak app icon just Once, and the screen should go black and then return to the Home screen.

Step 9: You will see more messages like injecting Jailbreak data messages, and Root Filesystem successfully remounted on the evasi0n tool.

Step 10: Once the process is completed, you will see a “Done!” message on the evasi0n tool. Your device will now reboot. The first boot will take longer due to performing first time setup. Be aware that the device might restart several times.

Step 11: Your iDevice will now display a large Evasi0n logo sitting on a white background. The first time, you’ll see a series of brief (sometimes very brief) messages. It will reboot some times.


After the Process is Complete, you will be taken to your Lock Screen, meaning that the Jailbreak Process is Done!

Happy Hacking!




  1. Harkirat says:

    Very nice tutorial…Hope you will post more such types of tutorial in easy way in future…Good

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