Missing Installous? Here is an EVEN BETTER Alternative! [vShare]

Posted: 01/10/2013 in Info, iPhone and iPad
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We all know (and are unhappy about) the Shutdown of Installous. However, there is a new App Raising as an Alternative to Installous.


It doesn’t need any Waiting at ALL!

Every single App is downloaded directly to your device and that’s why it beats Installous! It is ultra Fast and updates every App in Time!

High Quality and High Download Speed of this App will surely make you a vShare Fan!

Should you want to Install it to your Device (which, of course, must be jailbroken), read below:

Installation Process:

1 – Open Cydia.

2 – Go to Manage-> Sources-> Edit-> Add

3 – Add the Repo: “http://www.repocydia.com

4 – Hit Add and let it finish.

5 – Search for the “vShare” App and Install it.

6 – Open vShare and Enjoy!

  1. haculous says:


  2. asfand mirani says:

    its fantastic thnkzz

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