P0stH4x0r has been Updated to the Version 3.0.1!

A new Stealth Shell-Like Environment is presented to this Version. WTF is this?

It is a Shell Environment where P0stH4x0r Functions are initialized using specific commands, but also, Bash commands are accepted and are NOT logged to Bash History!

Here are more new Features of this Version:

  • <GHOST> Mode – Any Command at the Terminal starting with a Whitespace, is not logged by the .bash_history file!
  • UDP Packet Flooder – Kick any Computer on the Same network out of it due to Excessive Load of UDP Packets!
  • Post-Exploitation Script Downloader – Download other Post-Exploitation Scripts that can be really useful to you
  • Help Dialog Updated
  • Update Checker on Startup has been removed because it was too slow…


I will be glad to hear your comments, possible bugs to be fixed etc…

  1. z3r0.z4ck says:

    Download link please….
    I found this link from google
    but that link is down

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