iCon2PHP: Bind PHP Shells and Images

Posted: 02/29/2012 in G.N.A.HackTeam, Hacking, Info, iPhone and iPad, Linux Hacking, Mac Hacking
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iCon2PHP is a great tool for everyone who uploads a shell on a website in order to extract information or deface it. I was working on it for a while (that’s why I wasn’t posting any new stuff here the last 7 days…) but I achieved to finish it.

There are many text files to know what it does exactly and everything you need to know… There is a folder also of three great shells you might need: c100, r57 and GNYShell.

There are two scripts the iCon2PHP.sh (Created to execute and Read the first 200 characters in order to check the correct path) and  and icnBndr.py. The latter is written in python and binds (creates in one new file) an image of any type with your shell (or text file)

These scripts are used on Linux and Mac systems. If you want to use them on Windows run the Python script only!    (The other won’t work!)


iCon2PHP: Mediafire Link

Python Download: python.org/download

(If Mediafire Link is broken Comment it please….)


NOTES: GnYshell is NOT yet tested by us. And c100.php must be edited before uploading! More info on the text files included!

If anyone finds a bug, misfunctionality or needs any explanation on how it works you can post a comment and I will reply to both your comment and your e-mail.

  1. gnahackteam says:

    Update: V1.2 Released!

    Mojor Changes:
    – Only Python > Windows Users with Full Functionality
    – Better file check
    – One Script only

    Check it out here: https://gnahackteam.wordpress.com/gnahackteam/icon2php/

  2. I like this site very much, Its a real nice place to read and incur info. “Our job is not to straighten each other out, But to help each other up.” by Neva Cole.

  3. Forever Knight says:

    how can use this in windows? details please

    • You need to have Python installed!
      Then, you can run it from the Command Line (CMD) like this:
      python iCon2PHP.py

      On some Windows Versions, you need to go to the Python Folder! You can Google on how to do it on your Windows version!

      I hope I helped!

  4. Devtek says:

    Hey brother, I’m currently trying to use this tools but I’m having some issues:
    1- After creation of the file “FinalImage.php” using an .jpg or .png (or any) and c100.php shell or any I get PHP error: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING” so I’ve been never able to use it
    2- If I upload the file as “FileImage.php;.jpg” (or respective image extension) and i try to acess it the server says that there´s an error in the picture and it doesn´t load neither the shell nor the image….

    Im using python 2.7 under windows and 2.6.7 under backtrack and same issues…

  5. can i involve in your team?

  6. Kyaw Min Thein says:

    Sir it’s ok when i bind with image and shell and upload it . but how i can access to use shell ? Can you tell me sir?

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