iPhone 4S and iPad 2 Untethered Jailbreak with Absinthe is OUT!!!

Posted: 01/21/2012 in G.N.A.HackTeam, Info, iPhone and iPad
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Download Link:


The truth is that (for now) only a Mac Version is released…. But pod2g reassures that a Windows Version will be released soon.
Update:Windows Absinthe Version Released! Info At this article….

Here is the relative article of pod2g’s blog:

Absinthe (iPhone 4S and iPad 2 untether installer) is out

The greenpois0n blog is under heavy load… because it’s indeed out!

Here is the download link of Chronic Dev Team’s Absinthe: http://cache.greenpois0n.com/dl/absinthe-mac-0.1.2-2.zip

Happy Cydia !

It is a fact that there was an update from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 right after the release…. 

Here is a short how-to-jailbreak guide:

1. Backup your device via iTunes (Just if anything happens)
2. Close iTunes and open Absinthe
3. Make sure your device is plugged in
4. Click on the “Jailbreak” button
5. After Rebooting, open the Absinthe App on iPad 2 or iPhone 4S
6. You should see a white screen
7. Go to Settings-> General -> Network-> VPN
8. Turn VPN On and select the Jailbreak
9. Should show an error.
10. Reboot and….. CYDIA INSTALLED!
11. Done!

Video Tutorial (found in Youtube….):

Happy Jailbreak!!!
  1. […] Get info about Absinthe and the Mac Links at this article….. […]

  2. gnahackteam says:

    If the Jailbreak does NOT work properly, disable the Automatic Screen Lock. Then it should work fine…

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