What to do if Springboard stucks in Loading

Posted: 12/07/2011 in iPhone and iPad
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I installed a Cydia tweak in my iOS5 iPhone called SBRotator so as to be able to rotate the spring board like in an iPad.
It required to restart springboard and I realised that it just looped the restart and stuck in the loading gif image….

If this happens to you and don’t want to do the procedure “Restoring-Jailbreaking-Installing Apps-Restoring from Backup- Syncing” do the following:

1. Go to iPhone Explorer or Cyberduck and connect your iPhone with USB or SSH. (For me SSH didn’t work, so I used the iPhone Explorer via USB)
2. Go to this directory:
3. Delete the two files of the app or tweak that caused the loop.

Your iDevice should open up.
NOTE: This deleted some files of the app. To remove the app completely, remove it via Cydia.

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