iOS5 Semi-Tetered Jailbreak

Posted: 12/06/2011 in iPhone and iPad
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Redsn0w 9.9b8 has been released and has reduced the jailbreak time a lot.

The good news is that you can find the SemiTethered package at BigBoss repository.

What’s the difference? Here they are:
– You can boot up to unjailbroken state if you turn off the device. (Cydia, Jailbreak Tweaks, Safari and Mail won’t work)
– You can use the Phone app
– You can send messages

Generally, you can do anything your iDevice can do in an unjailbroken state (as if you never jailbroke it) until you boot up tethered with redsn0w. And any jailbreak apps and tweaks won’t work…

It is a good compromise.

We all hope an untethered jailbreak released soon and we don’t have to do such tasks like booting with redsn0w but till then… we don’t have other options….


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