Not iPhone 5 but… iPhone 4S!

Posted: 10/05/2011 in Info, iPhone and iPad
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Apple iPhone 4S

Apple introduced the iPhone 4S that will be available to buy at Octomber 14 in the U.S. and util December it will be available on 70 more countries.

It comes with iOS 5, iCloud and Siri!

Siri is more like a personal assistant that you may talk to it instead of typing… You can command to write a message, organise an event on iCal or Reminders or Call somebody…..

You can do pretty much everything with Siri. Hopefully, it will be available on the standard iPhone 4 with the iOS 5 update.

The main idea of iPhone 4 hasn’t really changed but there are some great changes.

The new iPhone has:

  • 8MP Camera
  • Shoots 1080p HD Video (Maybe the best camera on a phone)
  • Siri
  • iOS 5 and iCloud
  • Pretty much more fast with the new Dual-Core A5 Chip
  • Improved Retina Display
  • Faster Calling / Download Speed (HSDPA)
  • AirPlay

Airplay was introduce on iPad 2 running iOS 5. Now, we see it on iPhone 4S.

With Airplay you may use your Apple TV to watch movies or photos on your big screen!

Also, as I mentioned above, it will be much more faster on Downloading or Calling. Just compare it with iPhone 4:

       iPhone 4S:   14.4 Mpbs

       iPhone 4:      7.2 Mpbs

Do you want more? It’s the best iPhone, or maybe…. smartphone ever made! It has everything now!


iPhone 4S:


If you want more detailed information on iOS 5 click here…

iPhone 4S on    click here….

  1. iphone 4s says:

    I’ve received my iPhone 4S today. Such an amaizing phone ! Siri is really great.

    • gnahackteam says:

      Yes it is….. I would buy an iPhone 4S only for Siri and the A5 Dual Core Chip…. There are not any other great changes…

      I think I will wait till the iPhone 5 is released….

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