iOS 5 – Jailbreaking…. Maybe Trouble :-(

Posted: 07/04/2011 in Info, iPhone and iPad
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Jailbreaking iOS 5 may become a trouble for iPhone Hackers! 😦

iOS 5

I read a Post at iPhone Dev Team’s Blog and is a fact that Apple figured a way to change the boot sequence every time that an iPhone restores and the problem is that this sequence changes uniquely for every iOS Device!

This doesn’t mean that it will be impossible but that every time that a new update of the iOS is available the Dev-Team has to create a new exploit

For Instance:

I got an iPhone updated to iOS 5 and a new update is available (let’s say 5.0.1), then the exploit that the Dev-Team created before won’t work on the new Update.

So every time the iOS is updated we have to wait till Dev-Team figures out a new exploit.

Read more at Post at iPhone Dev Team’s Blog…..



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