Nice Hacking Apps for iOS and Android

Posted: 06/21/2011 in iPhone and iPad
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Here are some great apps that hackers like:

Nice Games for iOS:

1)Hack RUN Free – Free

2)HackerEvo – Lite and Full version

Nice apps for iOS:

1)Installous (for Jailbroken iDevices – See how to get it here…) Download all the apps for iOS for Free

2)Crackulous (Cracks your apps and uploads them to a file hoster and informs Installous so as to be visible to it’s users)

3)AppSync (Install cracked apps for iOS from your Mac or PC via iTunes – if you don’t install AppSync, it will get an error while installing apps from your PC….)


Nice Apps for Android:

1)Applanet (Download all apps for Free…) – Click here to go to the official page to download…. (The Server is currently offline)


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