Some Differences on Jailbreaking and Unlocking

Posted: 06/08/2011 in iPhone and iPad
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Jailbreaking and Unlocking


Q: What is Jailbreaking?

A: Jailbreaking is the proccedure that an iPhone hacker “flushes” the iPhone so as to accept 3rd party code…. This means that by jailbreaking your iPhone you may add some illegaly-downloaded apps (games, utilities etc….)

Q: Is it illegal?
A: Some guys say that it is and some others that it’s not…. What I think is that it’s just crazy to spend so much money to buy a great phone and then to have to pay for some apps! So, the device is yours, you do it whatever you want!


Q: What is unlocking?
A: If an iPhone is bought from a carrier (ex. AT&T) it can’t be used with another carrier…. This means that if you change carrier or want to sell your iPhone it is just useless if you haven’t unlocked it…. So, summing up, unlocking is used to “unlock” your iPhone from the carrier and to be used on any carrier you like!
Q: Is it illegal?

Yes, unlocking is illegal, but as I said before it’s your iPhone and you can do it whatever you like!!!

Pwnage tool or Redsn0w

Q: Which one to Choose: Pwnafge tool or Redsn0w?
A: Well, good question…. First, the main difference is that Pwnage tool doesn’t update the Modem Firmware of the iPhone as the Redsn0w does… The modem firmware isn’t something that should concern you but you should know what modem firmware your iPhone has before jailbreaking because they are not all jailbreakable (especially of the iPhone 4)…
So to learn what modem firmware your iPhone has just go to “Settings->General->About->Modem Firmware”
So, google your modem firmware to see if it’s jailbreakable! 😉


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